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HubSpot Portal Audit

Get a comprehensive look under the hood of your HubSpot implementation from certified experts.

When to get a portal audit

  • You have a new marketing/sales/revops leader who needs to get an understanding of what their HubSpot portal holds
  • Things have started to break or behave in unexpected and unfortunate ways with unintended consequences
  • You want to take advantage of new HubSpot features but aren't sure how



Our Approach to a HubSpot Portal Audit

  1. We dig in and systematically document what you have built within your HubSpot instance, including settings, automation, fields, and customization.
  2. We prioritize based on your feedback and we work to understand what you feel is going right, what you would like improved, and what new features you may find valuable.
  3. We put together our findings in a deck
  4. We go over the results with you and provide our recommendations for optimizing your setup, improving your usage of HubSpot, fixing any errors identified, and improving the cleanliness and visibility of your data.

We offer several audit options based on the complexity of your implementation. Choose the package that's right for you below.

Read more about our approach to a Portal Audit and why you need one.

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HubSpot Audit Options

Choose the right one for your implementation scale


1 to 2 Hubs, Under 10k Records


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Some combination of 1 to 2 HubSpot Hubs (usually Sales & Marketing), limited contact records, less than 4 people in sales and marketing total, and a newer HubSpot portal with limited content and a tiny website. You have no complex integrations with SalesForce, SalesLoft, etc. You are trying to implement best practices early!

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2-3 Hubs, Up to 50k Records


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2 to 3 HubSpot Hubs, up to 50k contact records, aging HubSpot portal, larger sales and marketing teams (like 5-7 team members). Lots of content and website pages. You may have your HubSpot integrated with complex systems like Salesforce, Netsuite, Salesloft, and internal applications. 


3 to 4+ Hubs, Over 50k Records


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3 to 4 or more HubSpot Hubs or over 50k contacts. Complex lead routing, full-fledge Enterprise implementation, multiple sales teams, larger marketing team, lead scoring, complex workflows, tons of content, multiple blogs, limited systems documentation, some serious enterprise system integrations, and big dreams.

HubSpot Audit: What's Included

We take a holistic approach to our audits while tailoring our focus based on your HubSpot implementation's complexity and priorities. Depending on which Hubs you're using and which features you have implemented, your audit will cover some of the following components (and more!).

HubSpot CRM

Settings: We review your HubSpot implementation setting by setting to understand choices made and functionality potentially missed. We also check the number of contacts against the subscription type to identify potential cost-savings. 

Contacts & Companies: We check for duplicate records and assess how many could be cleaned up – particularly marketing contacts. We also test the whole list for valid emails.

Lists: We look at your lists to see if any aged ones are no longer used or if an organization structure can be implemented to support your team better.

Properties: We look at your properties and find potentially redundant or unnecessary ones that may be cluttering your data.

Workflows: We review your workflows to provide a look into how each is being used, which ones need to be fixed, and which are not necessary for your current usage.

Marketing Hub

  • Traffic and Conversions
  • Landing pages
  • Forms
  • CTAs
  • Marketing Email
  • And more!

Sales Hub

  • Pipelines
  • Sequences and Templates
  • Tasks
  • Playbooks
  • Meetings
  • And more!

Service Hub

  • Inboxes
  • Tickets
  • Conversations
  • Chatflows
  • Routing rules
  • And more!

Does your HubSpot need a comprehensive inspection?

Don't struggle through with inaccurate data and a lack of understanding of what goes on inside. Get your audit started today!