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Label Traxx Case Study Metrics

Here is the data behind the case study.


Service Hub Pro

Knowledge Base Page Views

Previously, Label Traxx's self-serve content was all over the place. Note the spike when they launched a new version of their software - think of all the tickets saved by offering self service!

sales and marketing case study_9

Service Hub Pro

Support Tickets Submitted

Before implementing HubSpot, the associated companies used different ticketing systems, including the legacy FileMaker Pro, and Jira. Most Label Traxx tickets were just answered by email, and never logged! Now they can plan for support volume as well as understanding the need for product roadmap items and training programs.

Support tickets

Marketing Hub Pro

Organic Sessions

While Label Traxx is a heavy-hitter in the label converter space, adding content, and optimizing it for search as well as adding other marketing activities to enhance brand awareness increased their organic traffic volume significantly.

sales and marketing case study_11

Sales Hub Pro

Booked revenue

The goal of all the efforts is to help the client grow better. And grow they have! Doubling sales, then doubling again based on their move to HubSpot.

sales and marketing case study_13